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Welcome to Lempiäinen Family Association homepages!


Lempiäinen Family Association has been established to unite the members of the Lempiäinen family together. The purpose of the association is to organize events and happenings where different family members can meet, keep contact with their relatives even from different family branches, and share information on their familiy history with others.

Another major purpose is to organize and support the genealogy research in different Lempiäinen family branches to increase information on the geographies where they have lived, and how they have lived their daily lives over the times. Our goal is to have the research results published in books that bring the history available to younger generations. There are four family books published already. The different familiy branches researched are: Lappee, Rautjärvi, Ruokolahti and Uusikirkko. There is also one traditional genealogy research on-going about the Lempiäinen's at Kirvu, Tietävälä-village.

We have started a new genealogy research in 2015 that will take a new approach to looking into the roots of your family. We will share more information on this research later.

We have some information of Lempiäinen's who have moved abroad, and some of these paths we have been able to follow. There is information available of Lempiäinen's living in the northern parts of the United States of America. Should you have information of your relatives living abroad, or wish to learn more about the current information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can approach the board members directly, or use the eForm "Contact Lempiäinen Family Association" on the Contact information page.